We unlock millions in free cash flow for corporate buyers

National and international corporations benefit from our working capital finance solutions. Today we provide our services to over 10,000 customers across multiple industries such as retail, food & beverage, automotive and telecommunications.

Through our supply chain finance platform, we help buying organization standardize or increase their payment terms and improve their Days Payable Outstanding (DPO). They upload their approved invoices directly to our secure platform, where their suppliers can view their receivables, and may choose for early payment. At the same time, we help the suppliers improve their working capital and give them the option to receive early payment on their outstanding receivables.

The financing is offered by our funding partners and is based on the buyer’s credit risk. The cost of financing is paid by the suppliers only if they request early payment. As a buyer you can select, which suppliers you want to invite to the financing platform and which funders you want to include on the platform.

We optimize the largest financial supply chains

Efficient working capital management is becoming more and more one of the key metric for corporates. eFactor Network offers one of the most advanced platforms to generate additional free cash flow. Our supply chain finance solution allows buying organizations to shorten their cash conversion cycle and unlock working capital while offering early payment to their clients. We provide the following benefits to buying organizations

Ability to standardize or increase payment terms without negative impact on suppliers.
Improve working capital by improving DPO (Days Payable Outstanding).
Recognised as financing solution with off-balance sheet treatment.
Access to diverse funding options at attractive rates.
Use excess cash to generate additional earnings through Dynamic Discounting.
Reduce supply chain disruptions and strengthen relationship with suppliers.
Onboard suppliers in record time with dedicated platform and support from our team.
Ability to integrate with your ERP system.
Platform available in multiple languages, currencies, and countries.

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