Sell your receivables and get paid early

As a supplier or seller, you may have been invited by one of your customers, to participate in their supply chain finance program. To join our platform is free of charge. After a quick registration, you can see all the approved invoices and credit notes from your customer and can select the invoices you want to trade for early payment either through manual selection, filtering criteria, or with our unique auto-trade function.

By joining the supply chain finance and selecting early payment you can reduce your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and unlock free cash flow without any recourse back to your company. Supply chain finance is a powerful alternative to credit options that are increasing in cost and availability.

The financing rate for supply chain finance is very low and only based on the credit worthiness of your client. As an alternative you can also sell your other receivables by using our receivable finance platform, which in most cases does not involve your customers. It is a powerful financing tool to achieve additional working capital benefits on your short-term assets.

Leverage the most comprehensive suite of solutions for financing working capital

Traditionally, companies used factoring or loans from banks to finance their cash flow. eFactor Network provides the benefits of optimized working capital without the administrative complexity, covenants, or complex fee structures usually offered by these traditional type of financing solutions. Please find below the variety of benefits we offer to suppliers:

Select early payments based on your working capital needs.
Non-recourse funding and not considered debt on the balance sheet.
Highly competitive discount rates of approximately 1% per month; Depending on the risk of the Buyer and the BASE rate of the billing currency to the customer, either pesos (MXN), dollars (USD), or Euros (EUR)
No fees to join or participate in a supply chain finance program.
Full transparency on approved invoices and expected payments.
The way you send your invoices and the arrangements with your client remain the same.
Ongoing support and adequate funding available for your business operations.
Platform available in multiple languages, currencies, and countries.

+10,000 Suppliers operating in 16 countries

Contact us today to learn more

If you want to join a supply chain finance program or want to learn more about additional options to sell your other receivables, please contact us today. We look forward to providing you detailed information on our financing solutions.

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