We are the leaders in financing working capital

Over 8,000 clients in Mexico and Latin America trust eFactor Network to optimize their working capital and reduce risk in their supply chain. Our award-winning Fintech platform improves efficiencies through the exchange of information and transparency in payment and invoice flows.

We allow buying organizations as well as suppliers to make their supply chain more efficient, unlock free cash flow as well as be more competitive. Our multiple domestic and international bank partners as well as our own capital market financing solution, eFactor Diez provide the adequate funding to our customers.

Our vision and team are the basis of our success

We started eFactor Network in 2009 with two things in mind. First, to help large buying organizations improve their working capital by extending payment terms without increasing the burden on their supply chain. Second, to serve their suppliers by given them the option to get paid early at attractive financing rates.

Our vision became reality and today we help thousands of companies optimizing their working capital and cash flow, the lifeblood of every business. We are extremely proud of our list of multinational corporate clients, the quality of our technology platform, and the expertise of our team comprised of top talents from the world's leaders in finance, technology, and customer service.

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