• We optimize
    working capital
    for Global Supply Chains

TIIE 28 11.245 TIIE 91 11.3926 TIIE 182 11.5498 SOFR 1M 5.34523 SOFR 3M 5.34455 SOFR 6M 5.27558 SOFR 12M 5.05165 LIBOR 1M 5.45971 LIBOR 3M 5.60616 LIBOR 6M 5.70384 MXN/USD 0.05521 USD/MXN 18.113 EUR/USD 1.0693 USD/EUR 0.9352 MXN/EUR 0.0517 EUR/MXN 19.3657
eFactor Network: Best Digital Supply Chain Finance Platform LATAM 2023.
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We're passionate about helping companies grow their business by financing their working capital.

eFactor Network the leading Fintech company in Mexico empowering corporates and their suppliers by improving their payment terms and giving them access to working capital.

We’ve provided over MXN 100 billion (USD 5 billion) directly to businesses through our funding platform during the last ten years.

Our growing network includes over 20,000 companies, compromised of buying organizations, suppliers, financial institutions and technology partners. We are leading the way how businesses are unlocking cash flow and offer companies the most convenient solution to improve their payment terms.

Our multifunding platform provides flexibility with access to over 40 different financial institutions, allowing our clients to receive funding in multiple currencies and countries. Our customers have the freedom to choose any funding partner on our platform or even use their own cash through our funding entity, eFactor Diez, resulting in lower costs and risks of financing.


Our approach is to provide the most comprehensive and reliable financial solutions to our corporate clients and their trading partners. We build long-term relationships with our customers and our partners by fostering a culture of dedicated attention, perfection, support and high-value standards.

We are proud of our team and our technology platform that allows us to offer financing solutions that are both innovative and scalable. This allows us to grow our network of financial institutions, technolgy partners and companies across multiple sectors and countries.


Our Fintech solutions meet the growing liquidity demand from our customers. For buying organizations or importers we help covering the funding gap between paying for goods and services from your suppliers and receiving payment from your customers. On the other side, if you are a supplier or an exporter, we can help you getting paid earlier from your customers.

The key purpose of our financial solutions is to improve working capital of our customers by integrating with financial intermediaries providing a wide variety of funding. We help our funding partners with our web-based platform and our dedicated team offering unique solutions to make working capital finance simple and cost-effective.


Since our inception, our goal was to build a growing network of buyers, suppliers and funding partners, all connected through our platform making supply chains more competitive by injecting liquidity into the marketplace.

Through our success, with built a network of over 20,000 businesses. Today, we have suppliers on our platform, which become also buyers or buyers becoming suppliers improving not only their accounts receivables but also their accounts payables on their balance sheet. This network effect is further propelled by our funding partners, which introduce eFactor Network to their own clients to provide funding on our platform and improve their working capital metrics.

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